Charlie Chipmunk
Charlie Chipmunk
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Species Chipmunk
Occupation Camp Counsellor
Residence Camp Happy Tales
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First Appearance Reader Rabbit Kindergarten
Voiced By Mark Foster

Charlie the Chipmunk is a friend to Mat the Mouse as well as Reader Rabbit and Sam the Lion. He wears a red cap and a white and red-striped shirt. In Reader Rabbit 1st Grade he wears the same cap, but also a white shirt. In the DVD movies, he wears a blue and red cap and a blue and white striped shirt.


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Charlie is the counsellor of Camp Happy Tales in Reader Rabbit Kindergarten and notifies Mat about Spike's theft of the essential items for the camping event. He also appears in Reader Rabbit 1st Grade as a stage hand for the theater. He then attends Sam's birthday party in Reader Rabbit Thinking Adventures Ages 4-6.

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