Lefty's Song is a rap song sung by Lefty the hamster in Reader Rabbit: Learn to Read With Phonics inside the hamster wagon. The song is about 50 seconds long. In the Road to Reading, it's sung in the B letter land.


I'm a hamster who has been around all the toughest parts of town

I've taught myself what I need to know to get to where I want to go

One day in a garbage dump I found an old piano on the ground

I taught myself to play that thing and now you should hear me play and sing

I'm a little hamster

And when I saw I had a need to teach myself to learn to read

I did that too and now I see you are learning just like me

A and B

C and D

S and P

U and D

Letter sounds all around

Did I do it cuz I know you can do it