Reader Rabbit
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Species Rabbit
Occupation Journalist / Factory Operator
Residence Wordville
Family Grandma Rabbit, Grandpa Rabbit, Math Rabbit (cousin)
First Appearance Reader Rabbit and the Fabulous Word Factory
Voiced By Jeanne Hartman (1990s)
Charlie Borland (1990s)
Marina Cashmark (2000s)
Caroline Morris (UK)
Marina Chinchilla (DVD)

Reader Rabbit is a grayish blue rabbit with a soft, light voice and the titular character of the series, created by Leslie Grimm. He is the protagonist of almost all of the games. In the 1986-1993 games, he wears a red t-shirt, in the 1997-2000 games he wears a red and blue single-striped sweater, and in the 2000s games, he looks younger and wears a red t-shirt and blue jeans. In the 1990s games, he is voiced by Jeanne Hartman. In the 2000s games, he is voiced by Marina Cashmark.

Appearances Edit

Reader Rabbit appears in all Reader Rabbit titles except for Interactive Math Journey and the Read Now! series. His first appearance was in the 1983/4 Apple II version of Reader Rabbit and the Fabulous Word Factory. The first game he was voiced in was Talking Reader Rabbit. Reader Rabbit 2 shows that his residence is a treehouse.

Personality Edit

He loves reading and going on reading adventures with his friends. He is very helpful and nice.

Friends Edit

Reader Rabbit has many friends, but his best friends are Sam the Lion, Mat the Mouse, Paige, and Chester.

Alternate Names Edit

  • "Lapin Malin" (French)
  • "El Conejo Lector" (Spanish)
  • "Billi Banni" (German)
  • "Jussi Jänö" (Finnish)
  • "Kalle Kunskap" (Swedish)
  • "Labbe Langøre" (Norwegian)
  • "Fætter Kanin" (Danish)
  • "Coelho Sabido" (Portuguese)
  • "Robbie Konijn" (Dutch)
  • "Królik Bystrzak" (Polish)
  • "Leader Rabbit" (Japanese)
  • "Reid Bunny" (Chinese)

Gallery Edit