Reader Rabbit Preschool (also known as Let's Start Learning) is a computer game in The Learning Company's Reader Rabbit series of children's educational games. It was released in 1995. Let's Start Learning contains the first appearance of Wonder Pony and is the only game in which Wonder Pony talks.

There are three versions of the game. The first version (Let's Start Learning) has just four activities and involves Reader Rabbit, Mat the Mouse and the player freeing the Wonder Pony using keys and visiting the Learning Kingdom. The second version consists of the same plot as Let's Start Learning, but with different graphics, four more activities (eight total), and a different name (Reader Rabbit Preschool). The third version consists of the same graphics as Reader Rabbit Preschool (Carousel Version), but has two more activities (ten total), and a different plot in which the player helps Reader Rabbit, Sam the Lion and Mat the Mouse fix up the Carnival Park and earns tickets to enjoy the rides.

Plot Edit

In the first and second versions of the game, Reader Rabbit and Mat the Mouse gather keys to unlock a carousel and free the Wonder Pony.

In the third version of the game, Reader Rabbit, Mat the Mouse and Sam the Lion work together to rebuild a ruined carnival.

Activities Edit

  • Counting Club
  • Hide & Seek Gallery (in the second version)
  • ABC Diner (renamed to ABC Cafe in the UK version)
  • Zany Zoom In (in the second version)
  • Pattern Parade
  • Crazy Costumes (in the second version)
  • Shape Shack (renamed to Shape Shed in the UK version)
  • Body Builders (in the second version)
  • Mouse Match (in the third version)
  • Coloring Clowns (in the third version)
Reader Rabbit Preschool

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