Sam the Lion
Sam the Lion-0
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Species Lion
Occupation Leader of the Read Now! club
Residence Wordville
Family Sampa (grandfather)
First Appearance Reader Rabbit's Interactive Reading Journey 2
Voiced By Roger Jackson (1993)
Terry McGovern (2000)
Tom Eastwood (UK)

Sam is a lion who is one of Reader Rabbit's best friends. The song he sings is Sam's Song. In the 1986-1993 games, he wears a green t-shirt. In the 2000s games, he looks younger and wears a green shirt. In Reader Rabbit 2nd Grade, he is voiced by Roger Jackson. In the 2000s games, he is voiced by Terry McGovern.

Appearances Edit

Sam the Lion

1990s look

He appears in most of the '90s games and all of the 2000s games. He appears as a cub driving a ship in Reader Rabbit Math Adventures Ages 6–9, in the flashback. He also teams up with Penelope the Parrot in all activities except Monkey Pizza Party. He meets his grandpa, Grandpa Sampa, in Reader Rabbit Learn to Read with Phonics: 1st and 2nd Grade, which also shows that his residence is a treehouse and that he was born in Gunk. He also appears as the main protagonist of the live-action/animated educational reading video series Read Now! and is the mascot and leader of the club, with a shiny red nose, a red mane and a red tuft of hair on his tail.

Personality Edit

Sam likes to go on adventures with his friends and crack jokes. He cares a lot about how he looks (especially in front of others), but he cares more about Reader Rabbit and his friends.

Friends Edit

His best friends are Reader Rabbit, Paige and Chester.