Spike in Reader Rabbit Thinking Adventures
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Species Porcupine
Occupation Helper
Residence Wordville
Family {{{family}}}
First Appearance Reader Rabbit's Kindergarten
Voiced By Roger L. Jackson



Spike is a porcupine who appears in Reader Rabbit Kindergarten, Reader Rabbit 1st Grade and Reader Rabbit Thinking Adventures. He wears a red cap and tennis shoes. He is the antagonist of Kindergarten and 1st Grade, who tries to ruin everything for his own selfish vendetta. He simply doesn't like others because no one can give such a spiny porcupine a hug. He tries hard to be a good helper in Thinking Adventures.


In the DVD movies, he wears a pair of blue workshop trousers with a rope belt and is not as spiteful to others anymore, but feels out of his depth, until his friends give him encouragement. In the second Leapfrog e-book High Flying Act he works as a prize giver for a spinning wheel booth.